New changes in their ways

We will post here whenever new features are added to the OJ System or the Web site.

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New changes in their ways

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In these days we're going to do some changes in the system, some of them are already done, and the others will be finished very soon.

1) Say good-bye to the "algorithm" field - it's gone. And it is not going to return. We realized that it is 1% useful - 95% empty - 4% used to bother people. We think that there are other ways to provide that information - for instance, this board and the chat facility. Technical reasons also recommend us to remove this field. Maybe we'll add a fixed range of algorithms so you can choose one of them for each submission, maybe not. Right now it'll disappear. I repeat, we do think that this field can be replaced with this board and/or the chat. I hope that you will continue using this system after this removal...

2) In the status page, the user name isn't there any longer. Go here if you don't know what I am talking about. Why? Because we've found that some users are changing their names in order to put some words that we find... out of place. So we've replaced it with the User ID, so you can know whether a submission is yours or not, and you'll read no disgusting "names".

3) Support for FreePascal is almost here. We're going to replace GPC with FPC as the second is more everything than the first. I need to verify that FPC can compile almost 100% of GPC submissions already sent, so rejudging them won't make them turn into CE or WA. But the change is planned to be so smooth that you won't notice any change - language will continue to be named "Pascal". I'll let you know when the change is done. I hope this will make our Pascal-life more comfortable.

4) We're going to generate some XML's files for statistics so you can get the info you want better than parsing the HTMLs as some of you are doing now. In the meanwhile, I'm going to add some metadata in HTML comments (i.e., <!-- -->) so parsing them will be easier than parsing the HTML code itself. I'll give more details when done.

5) Submit-o-matic is going to give you the submission # so you'll be able to track the submissions easier.

6) We're going to upgrade the compilers, specially the java compiler so the java support will be increased.

7) I'm going to do a quick English course to improve my skills :)

I'll be happy to listen to your thoughts in this thread.

Best regards,
Best regards,

Fernando N

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