179 - Code Breaking

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Re: 179 - code breaking

Post by deadangelx »

I give 2 hints.

the first hint:
If n is not multiple of k
you can add any the same character after plaintext and cyphertext, like:
k = 5

after add '?'

then you can check k = 5

the second hint:
If one string is "abcdeee"
it has possible 3! permutation.
so "abcdeeefghiii"
it has possible 3! * 3! permutation.
when string having 80 characters, the factorial may be very big.
you can set a threshold to limit it (ex. 10000 permutation).
It needn't to check all possible string or u would get TLE.

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Re: 179 - Code Breaking

Post by metaphysis »

Thanks for your hints, I got AC.

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