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by cytse
Mon Dec 05, 2005 5:30 pm
Forum: Other words
Topic: New ranklist format for each problem
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What a change... now I need to memorize a lot of numbers, and it makes me feel dizzy looking through a long list of numbers. I remember similar things happened a few years ago, when they changed the Judge Status page in the same way. In the end, they allow us to see the names through passing additio...
by cytse
Wed Dec 03, 2003 4:45 pm
Forum: Other words
Topic: Strange author ranklist
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I think it is because he submitted the program while the problem is being rejudged. This will be resolved when the ranklist is rebuilt.
by cytse
Mon Sep 29, 2003 10:44 am
Forum: Other words
Topic: AC after 10s
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Some problems have longer time limits. For example, the time limit for 10290 is 100 seconds :P
by cytse
Tue Jun 10, 2003 6:25 am
Forum: C++
Topic: 2 dimensional dynamic array
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Experimenter wrote:
ec3_limz wrote:Is it possible to create a vector of vectors?

For example.

Code: Select all

vector<vector<int>> array;
I don't know, but heytex seems to have done it. Look at his code.
Yes it is okay, but you should leave a space between two '>'s, i.e.

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vector<vector<int> > array;
by cytse
Fri Jun 06, 2003 5:53 am
Forum: Volume 100 (10000-10099)
Topic: 10033 - Interpreter
Replies: 88
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There is a blank line between every two cases, but the last case is followed by an EOF, not a blank line.
by cytse
Mon Jun 02, 2003 7:01 pm
Forum: Volume 7 (700-799)
Topic: 729 - The Hamming Distance Problem
Replies: 54
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It is a multiple input problem, indicated by a blue tick next to the problem number.

For more details about the input format of multiple input problem, please read this:
by cytse
Fri May 30, 2003 6:36 pm
Forum: Volume 100 (10000-10099)
Topic: 10057 - A mid-summer night's dream.
Replies: 21
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Try to use other compilers, like gcc, but if you cannot get other compilers, just simply write your program with a small array and test with small data. Before you submit, change the size of array to the required one.

I don't think there are cases with n=0.
by cytse
Sun May 25, 2003 8:27 am
Forum: Other words
Topic: Moderator or Administrator...
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Sorry I don't agree with you. I have just submitted my program again and got AC. My program used the condition N=0 to break the loop.

If you are using an O(n^2) algorithm, it is impossible to get AC since N can be as large as 10000.
by cytse
Sat May 24, 2003 11:53 am
Forum: Volume 6 (600-699)
Topic: 694 - The Collatz Sequence
Replies: 46
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i,j are defined as unsigned long, so their values are always non-negative. Therefore "(i<0 && j<0)" is always false. There is no way to break the infinite loop.
by cytse
Thu May 22, 2003 5:09 pm
Forum: Volume 2 (200-299)
Topic: 299 - Train Swapping
Replies: 81
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i think there is no need to check eof after reading each number.

in fact, i got AC with your program after all statements related to eof(input) are removed.
by cytse
Thu May 22, 2003 4:56 pm
Forum: Volume 104 (10400-10499)
Topic: 10407 - Simple division
Replies: 34
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why do you consider the minimum one only?
the most important point here is that d divides ALL pairwise-differences.
by cytse
Wed May 21, 2003 6:03 pm
Forum: Volume 7 (700-799)
Topic: 737 - Gleaming the Cubes
Replies: 6
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Have you considered the case that there is no intersection?
by cytse
Tue May 13, 2003 5:20 pm
Forum: Off topic (General chit-chat)
Topic: How old are you? Statistics.
Replies: 121
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I am 21, solved 800+ problems, started solving problems here 1.5 years ago.
by cytse
Tue May 13, 2003 4:48 pm
Forum: Volume 100 (10000-10099)
Topic: 10080 - Gopher II
Replies: 31
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Yes you are right.
by cytse
Sat Apr 26, 2003 2:47 pm
Forum: Volume 101 (10100-10199)
Topic: 10157 - Expressions
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Here is my output

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