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by karl
Tue Dec 03, 2002 7:46 pm
Forum: Volume 104 (10400-10499)
Topic: 10415 - Eb Alto Saxophone Player
Replies: 21
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10415 - Eb Alto Saxophone Player

Hi folks! :wink: "10415 looks very simple", I had thought until I sent my prog... Now, I don't know, what can be checked after trying and trying. I mentioned: - song may be empty -> printing only '0' 10 times - at most 200 notes in a song -> inputstring of size 300! - first note -> all fingers requi...
by karl
Wed Nov 06, 2002 6:17 pm
Forum: Volume 103 (10300-10399)
Topic: 10377 - Maze Traversal
Replies: 26
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10377 - Maze Traversal

Love&peace to everyone! 10377 is very simple, I thought. :cry: Judge says that my programm produces TLE but I can't figure out the reason. Here's my code. #include <iostream.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <stdio.h> char maze[62][62]; int row,col, crow,ccol; int facing; char command; int runs,crun; ...
by karl
Wed Nov 06, 2002 11:36 am
Forum: Volume 100 (10000-10099)
Topic: 10008 - What's Cryptanalysis?
Replies: 55
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10008 - Need some test cases

Hi, folks :D

I'm very disappointed because of getting always WA in prob 10008.
May someone send my some test cases please or any hints?

For input I use a string of length 20000. Is that enough?

Any idea?

Thank you very much!

by karl
Fri Sep 13, 2002 9:14 am
Forum: Other words
Topic: About new incoming features
Replies: 47
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I used options T and A, very funny :D But, by the way: In my opinion removing the algorithm field can't be decided to be "only a good" or "only a bad" idea. I agree to the admin that most written there isn't helpfull in any way. I misused it too (telling something 'bout my feelings on my wife :wink:...
by karl
Fri Sep 06, 2002 11:37 am
Forum: Volume 102 (10200-10299)
Topic: 10242 - Fourth Point !!
Replies: 30
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10242 WA

Hello, great helpers and gurus, where are you??? :wink: I wrote a nice program but judge doesn't like it. May you explain me the reason why? Here's source: [cpp]#include <iostream.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <stdio.h> float x[4],y[4]; int a,b,c; int takes[4]; float x1,y1; void find_doublette() {...
by karl
Thu Aug 29, 2002 9:40 am
Forum: Volume 101 (10100-10199)
Topic: 10106 - Product
Replies: 98
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sorry, I went wrong. my algorithm for multiplication was incorrect. :oops:
It wasn't a wrong array size (I saw that X,Y <10 ^250!).

But thanks a lot for helping...

Best wishes

by karl
Wed Aug 28, 2002 3:49 pm
Forum: Volume 100 (10000-10099)
Topic: 10055 - Hashmat the Brave Warrior
Replies: 166
Views: 46920

Adrian, we are a little bit lazy, aren't we? :wink: But before scanning hundreds of postings, I'll try to help!!! Given input a, b, it isn't said, that a<b in every case. Try input and you'll find something very interesting... 12 10 Read problem description very carefully, second sentence of the "In...
by karl
Wed Aug 28, 2002 3:41 pm
Forum: Volume 101 (10100-10199)
Topic: 10106 - Product
Replies: 98
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10106 - Product

Friends, I tried to solve 10106, but everytime judge's answer was "WA" :( Statistics for 10106 says, that there are a lot of WA. Well, do you have any hints, especially special cases? Multiplication of 0 and empty lines in input file are no problem for my little proggie... Thanks in advance!!! Karl
by karl
Wed Jul 17, 2002 8:27 pm
Forum: Volume 1 (100-199)
Topic: 116 - Unidirectional TSP
Replies: 226
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first of all:

don't send your acm-ID (21201...) here!


what was judge's reply: WA or Compile Error?
I got compile error, because <stdio.h> wasn't included.

best wishes!

by karl
Wed Jul 17, 2002 8:13 am
Forum: Volume 1 (100-199)
Topic: 195 - Anagram
Replies: 242
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I got it!!!
Problem was: How to deal with empty lines...

I changed input handling to

[cpp] do
} while (strlen(line)==0);

Thanks a lot!!!
by karl
Tue Jul 16, 2002 1:11 pm
Forum: Volume 1 (100-199)
Topic: 195 - Anagram
Replies: 242
Views: 27467

195 - WA again and again

It's terrible, always WA WA WA. I studied your advices given before very carefully; I guess, my prog generates no duplicates and sorting is okay. Do you have any hints or more test data??? [code] #include <strstream.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <vector> #include <iostream> #inc...

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