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by Md. Aftabuddin
Sat Jul 30, 2005 3:41 pm
Forum: Volume 107 (10700-10799)
Topic: 10734 - Triangle Partitioning
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[quote="little joey"]Their area, but that's completely irrelevant for the problem. Two triangles (a,b,c): a>=b, b>=c and (a',b',c'): a'>=b', b'>=c' are "similar" (i.e. have the same "style") iff a/a' == b/b' == c/c'. If you split the two triangles (4,5/2,5/2) and (3,5/2,5/2) again, you get four equa...
by Md. Aftabuddin
Wed Jun 29, 2005 9:31 am
Forum: C
Topic: Presentation Error ??
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Presentation Error ??

I received the following when I submitted a solution Dear aftab: Your C program has solved Ok the problem nnn (xxx xxx xxx xx) in 0.000 seconds with low memory spent. Congratulations! Warning: Your program would get a Presentation Error in a true contest. The 24-hours judge interpretes it as an "Acc...
by Md. Aftabuddin
Sun Jun 26, 2005 2:47 pm
Forum: Volume 3 (300-399)
Topic: 386 - Perfect Cubes
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The judgieing machine seems wrong

Dear Sir, I am a new commer I solved the question no 386 and submitted only to get wrong answer. But my solution is right and running within the time limit. Further more the output given in the question is itself wrong. it is not showing the line Cube = 9, Triple = (1,6,8 ) but 9*9*9=1*1*1 +6*6*6+ 8...

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