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by rodriwan
Fri Aug 01, 2003 8:43 pm
Forum: Volume 5 (500-599)
Topic: 585 - Triangles
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triangle 4

isnt the area of triangle for == 4?


or is your output right?
by rodriwan
Thu Jun 19, 2003 9:33 pm
Forum: Volume 100 (10000-10099)
Topic: 10041 - Vito's Family
Replies: 90
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input/output cases

Hi Hisoka, my program is is OK with the sample input that you've putted here, can you send me some more i/o cases so I can test my program? I keep getting wa. My algorithm work as follows: first I set a vector with the street numbers and get the total sum of these numbers, in the case of your input,...
by rodriwan
Tue Jun 17, 2003 4:43 pm
Forum: Volume 3 (300-399)
Topic: 327 - Evaluating Simple C Expressions
Replies: 19
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line by itself and will contain no more than 80 characters.

OK. Ive spent a lot of time trying to solve this problem. After more than a week I decided to make the vector were I was reading the input bigger (5512 position, instead of 100 initialy). That made me get an accepted. But in the problem specification it is really clear "Each of the expressions will ...
by rodriwan
Sun Jun 08, 2003 5:30 am
Forum: Volume 101 (10100-10199)
Topic: 10142 - Australian Voting
Replies: 82
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10142 - Australian Voting - WA

Im getting wrong answear in the 10142. Can anyone give me some testcases so I can try them with my algorithm. here is the source that Im using (its loooooooong, I thing no one is going to read it, but am going to put it here anyway ;) [cpp] #include <iostream> #include <cctype> #include <cstdlib> #i...
by rodriwan
Sat Jun 07, 2003 7:11 pm
Forum: Volume 100 (10000-10099)
Topic: 10033 - Interpreter
Replies: 88
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I just forgot to set the ram to 000 before reading. sorry :oops:
by rodriwan
Sat Jun 07, 2003 3:11 am
Forum: Volume 100 (10000-10099)
Topic: 10033 - Interpreter
Replies: 88
Views: 26527

Im getting tle in this problem. Maybe Im dealing the 000 case wrong. Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this prog. or what should I do when I read 000... thanks [c] #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <string.h> void deal_in(int op, int *opcode, int *d, int *s) { *s = op%10; op /= 10;...
by rodriwan
Wed Apr 09, 2003 3:54 am
Forum: Volume 104 (10400-10499)
Topic: 10424 - Love Calculator
Replies: 137
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what am I doing wrong? Thought a lot and cant see what is the problem with this code... [c] #include <stdio.h> #include <ctype.h> #define MAX(x, y) ( (x) > (y) ) ? (x) : (y) #define MIN(x, y) ( (x) < (y) ) ? (x) : (y) int main(void) { int r1, r2, sum, i; float res, min, max; char str1[256], str2[256...
by rodriwan
Mon Jun 03, 2002 8:35 pm
Forum: Volume 7 (700-799)
Topic: 793 - Network Connections
Replies: 102
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793 - Network Connections

Hi, Im trying to send the folowing code, but I am geting wrong answear, I cant find where Im wrong... Im using quickfind algorithm, can anyone help? [c] "@BEGIN_OF_SOURCE_CODE" /* @JUDGE_ID: xxxxxx 793 C */ #include <stdlib.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <ctype.h> typedef unsigned long mytype; int m...

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