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by rmukadam
Tue May 28, 2002 6:26 am
Forum: Volume 4 (400-499)
Topic: 488 - Triangle Wave
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Hi, I wonder whats going wrong with this Que. I keep on getting WA.
i have tested e'thing n seems it gves me correct results......any suggestions....
by rmukadam
Fri May 17, 2002 5:30 am
Forum: Volume 3 (300-399)
Topic: 338 - Long Multiplication
Replies: 59
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I wonder where am i going wrong for this que:

am printing blank spaces to the left and to the right of intermediate computations as required....

BUT :x am still getting Wrong there anything else i have to consider????
by rmukadam
Thu May 02, 2002 1:51 am
Forum: Volume 4 (400-499)
Topic: 438 - The Circumference of the Circle
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I am using the following approach to compute the circumference: ax^2+cy^2+dx+ey+f=0 as equa: and center x=-d/2a y =-e/2a a := Determinate (matrix([[X1, Y1, 1], [X2, Y2, 1], [X3, Y3, 1]])) d := -Determinate(matrix([[X1^2+Y1^2, Y1, 1], [X2^2+Y2^2, Y2, 1], [X3^2+Y3^2, Y3, 1]])) e := Determinate(matrix(...
by rmukadam
Wed May 01, 2002 2:59 pm
Forum: Volume 4 (400-499)
Topic: 499 - What's The Frequency, Kenneth?
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Hi, the question seems straight forward but somehow I keep on getting WA. Here is my code: void main(void){ char line[500]; long Counter[53]; char letters[53] = {'A','B','C','D','E','F','G','H','I','J','K','L','M','N','O','P','Q','R','S','T','U','V','W','X','Y','Z','a','b','c','d','e','f','g','h','i...

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