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by niangjun
Mon Jan 01, 2007 6:46 am
Forum: Volume 1 (100-199)
Topic: 116 - Unidirectional TSP
Replies: 226
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My prog worked for all the input given, but it still get WA, :( who can help me? program acm116; type aa=array[1..100] of integer; var a,d:array[1..100,1..100] of integer; f:array[1..10,1..100] of longint; rec1:aa; m,n:integer; cost:longint; num:integer; procedure init; var i,j,k:integer; begin fill...
by niangjun
Sun Dec 31, 2006 12:31 pm
Forum: Volume 3 (300-399)
Topic: 357 - Let Me Count The Ways
Replies: 90
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originally I got WA because I output
" There is only 1 way to produce 1 cent change."
after which I changed my program to output
" There is only 1 way to produce 1 cents change." and got AC.....
by niangjun
Fri Dec 22, 2006 9:36 am
Forum: Volume 4 (400-499)
Topic: 431 - Trial of the Millennium
Replies: 13
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431 WA

I keep getting WA for 431, here is my code program acm_431; var score,time:array[1..100] of integer; des:array[1..100] of string; c,m,t,sum,i,n:integer; f:array[0..100,0..240] of integer; take:array[1..300,1..300] of integer; mem:array[1..300,1..300] of integer; ev:array[1..100] of integer; procedur...

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